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The Story So Far...

YJaay and Proze; two brothers (Yiani and Ilya Harpas) sent back in time to deliver music from the future.

Performing under the name RedIce for the past six years, they have been scoping out the music industry down under, awaiting their chance to release their futuristic melodies upon mankind.

Their Journey from the future has not been easy; however, along the way they have gained many accolades in the present day. They have travelled to the cities of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to work with producers such as Audius and Danny Simcic from Audius Productions and A.I.R. Productions respectively. Between recordings they have moved through the live scene to refine their skills in performance, showcasing their talent at the Sydney and Adelaide Entertainment Centres for the Mo Awards and Snap positive lifestyle music competition. They were also drafted into the final 10 of the Starburst Soundcheck songwriting competition by the judges where they were able to perform live at the Melbourne National Theatre.

RedIce have enjoyed constant rotation on Fresh FM with numerous tracks, with Nova recently lending their support.

Having their Remix of Beautiful Girl appear on the Fresh FM Fresh Air Vol II CD is an indication that the people of the present are readying themselves to embrace the future sound that is RedIce.