RedIce would like to announce the launch of their racing website, www.rediceracing.com.au. Be sure to check it out!

EXCLUSIVE! Listen to never-before heard RedIce tracks on their MusicOz page. Click the banner below to go to the page - and read how to vote for RedIce at the bottom of the page!

Be sure to check out the new RedIce photoshoot on the Official RedIce Myspace and in the Photo Album section. RedIce worked with the talented up-and-coming Michelle Newman.

People of Adelaide, request RedIce on Fresh FM (92.7)! SMS "FTD Beautiful Girl Remix" to 199 DANCE (199 32623) for 55c.

RedIce have received the final mix of their new song Beautiful Girl. Click the MySpace link below, or go to The Music to have a listen!