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We have somewhat fixed the download issue with Martian, although we can't upload any more songs for now...please be patient!

In other news, check our YouTube channel to have a look at our Today Tonight Interview, and some of our tracks!

We will be releasing some exclusive demo tracks over YouTube in the coming months, keep your eyes (and ears) peeled.

It appears Martian Music.com is having some technical difficulties. If you're trying to follow the link on the left, don't worry, it should be fixed and working soon!

RedIce are set to appear on Channel 7's Today Tonight on the 29th of October. Tune in at 6:30pm to catch the guys latest TV appearence.

RedIce have just returned from Melbourne, where they recorded 3 hot new tracks. Expect to hear the new tracks in the next month or so!

After a busy 2008, RedIce plan to get back into the studio shortly with A.I.R. Productions' Danny Simcic and VHJ Music's Martin Van Hoof Jenkins. Stay tuned for more news soon, it's all happening.

Keep watching Channel 7 closely, as RedIce may be appearing on Today Tonight in the next few months!

RedIce have 2 new songs up!! Check out U4 Myself and The Way, produced by A.I.R Productions . Also, don't forget to check out the guy's Myspace page and become their friend.